Achieve Results Using Our Fun, Positive, Rewarding Training Methods

Our Mission is:

To help dogs stay in their homes and out of shelters by providing a results driven, easy to understand, and fun training program.

Rescuing dogs from shelters or purchasing from a reputable breeder is only the first step to owning a dog. Training is the key to ensuring dogs stay in their homes by providing common understanding, good behavior and an outlet for instinct, ability, and exercise.

Our training philosophy is based on 40+ years of experience and a sampling of techniques from a variety of resources and training methods.  

1. Praise & Rewards Get Repeat Behavior

2. Mark Good Behavior

3. Keep Training Lessons Short 

4. End Training On Positive Wins

5. Use High Value Rewards

6. Be Consistent

7. Ask, Tell, Achieve (Voice & Body Language)

8. Activity & Mental Stimulation Are the Recipe You Need = Tired & Fulfilled Dog = A Good Dog

9. Understand Your Dogs Breed Characteristics & Abilities (The Why)

10. Set Your Dog Up For Success

11. Connection is Ready & Listening

12. Dogs Love to Learn & Please 

13. Socialization = Learned Behaviors

14. Owners & Handlers Are 90% of Why Dogs Behave the Way They Do (It's not the dog's fault.)

15. Proof Your Training

16. Go Back to the Basics When Issues Arise

17. Dogs Have Big Vocabularies - Use Them

18. Dogs Are Social Learners

19. Train in a Variety of Environments

20. A good training foundation is the building blocks for champion results and your dog of a lifetime.


Foundation Training

Positive, Fun, Play, Rewards = Good Behavior

We can help dogs with behaviors such as:
Listening & Focus,
Not Coming When Called,
Pulling on the Leash,
Potty Training,
Getting in/out the Car,
& More!

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Off Leash & More Advanced Training

Consitency = Results

We can help you achieve:

Off Leash

Coming When Called at Distance

Hand Signals

Competition Obedience

Competition Rally-O

& More

Screen Shot 2020-01-26 at 9.21.53 AM.png

Tricks & More

Mental Stimulations & Brain Teasers = Well Behaved Dog

We can help you achieve:

A dog you can show off to your friends.

AKC Title & Trick Dog Prizes/Ribbons

A dog who is confident.

A dog who is content and happy.

& More!

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Stock Dog Herding

Respect, Ability, & Accomplishment

We can help you achieve:

A Dog Who Behaves Around Livestock,

Instinct Testing & Herding Behavior Analysis,



Dog Breaking Livestock,

Livestock Trailer Loading,

Holding Livestock,

Sorting Livestock,

& More!

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Dog Training, Sports, Boarding, Facility Rental & More


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