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AKC Title Exams

Schedule Your AKC Title Exams with Our Certified Instructor &/or Virtual Submission

Did you know all of our group obedience classes prepare you for AKC CGC and family dog titles? Students who attend our weekly obedience classes have been able to achieve their AKC STAR Puppy titles through Advanced CGC, farm dog and trick dog!  Ask us for more details.  We award large rosettes with each successful title exam. 


Kelly is certified and ready with her teams help to get you ready for your dog to earn some flair for your brag wall and so that you can have a dog of your lifetime.

AKC Trick Dog Series:

We offer group classes, clinic, and private lessons. We can test your dog by video or in person.

AKC Canine Good Citizen Series (Family Dog):

We test your dog at our facility.

AKC Farm Dog

We offer practice sessions daily and sanctioned events to test twice per year.

AKC Manners:

We offer in person testing.

AKC Virtual Programs:

Use our facility to train, private lessons, rentals, group classes, filming, and more.  Just ask and we're happy to help.

AKC Fit Dog:

We offer group walks and runs.

AKC Temperament Test:

We offer practice sessions daily and testing yearly.

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