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Barn Hunt Fun at K9cation

 We have plenty of tubes and rats for even the most advanced player.  We love helping new people get started in this fun sport.  We change the courses each month for new training challenges.

Choose Your Preferred Training Style

Private Lesson

Work with an instructor for up to one hour of 1:1 instruction, support and introduction to the obstacles and learn about barn hunt.  We love helping new people and their pups get started with this fun sport that all dogs and all person can do! Increase your partnership and communication with your pup with this session.


Rent our course and equipment for your private use.  Tubes will be filled and ready for you.  Bring more than one dog for only $5 each additional dog.  This is our recommended option for people practicing for trials and higher levels.

Daycare & Lodging
Add On Experience

We'll work with your pup and get them started in this fun sport.  This experience is for the dogs that love to use their nose!  Add this activity to ensure an amazing vacation for your pup!

Group Class For Fun  & Practice

Supportive environment to come have fun with your dog and increase your dogs partnership and communication with you in a fun group of dog lovers.  Class is geared toward new dogs and handlers, but all levels are welcome to practice with us.  Each dog will receive at least 3 runs with coaching and feedback. 

Group Classes

INSTRUCTORS: David Stanford and Tayen Albrandt


Welcome to K9Cation’s Barn Hunt Class!  Barn Hunt is a fun and different way to interact and strengthen the bond with your dog.  Every dog is capable of doing well in Barn Hunt, regardless of breed or background.  All you need is a motivated dog, a bit of guidance from you, and you’re both off and running on your new adventure!


Barn Hunt will test your dog’s ability to discriminate between different sources of rat odor.  The rats are placed in PVC tubes, and other tubes may be empty or have rat litter in them to help the dog work on their scent discrimination skills.  The rats are very safe in the tubes, and their welfare is very important, so they are well protected.  The tubes are then placed in, on top of, in between, or even buried around other straw bales.  The dog has to be able to maneuver the various obstacles to eventually find all the hidden tubes with rats.  It’s a very fun and different type of search that taps into a dogs natural abilities to go after rats!




  1. Show the handler and their dog how to start a search.

  2. Learn how scent works with the rats.

  3. Teach the dog to search for an object at ground level, head level, and above head level.

  4. Show the handler how to properly handle the dog while searching.

  5. Learn the signals a dog may use to indicate they have found a tube with a rat in it.

  6. Teach the dog how to signal they have found a tube with a rat in it (if the handler wishes to do this).

  7. Learn to go under, around, over and even through tunnels while searching for tubes with rats.

  8. For those interested in trialing, we will discuss various rules of the BHA (Barn Hunt Association).  There are many barn hunt trials held in the area every year!


The following list is what you will need when you come to class


  1. A can do attitude and readiness to learn and have fun!

  2. Lots of high value treats that your dog will do anything for!

  3. A minimum 6 foot long leash.

  4. A collar 

    1. On a side note, some people like to put their dogs in harnesses.  Harnesses are strongly discouraged because they can get caught in some of the obstacles.

  5. A dog treat pouch to store your dogs favorite treats

  6. A crate is very highly recommended.  If you don’t have a crate, you may put your dog in your car between runs.  Dogs are not to interact during class.


A bit about myself.  I’ve been teaching science at the middle school and high school level for 25 years.  I currently teach 8th grade science.  I own a 7 ½ year old German Shepherd named Peyton and a 12 year old Chihuahua named Gizmo.  I have done a lot of work and trialing with Peyton.  He holds many titles and certificates including AKC Obedience, AKC Class C and Class D herding, AKC Achiever Dog, AKC CGC, AKC Farm Dog Certification, UKC Obedience, IABCA National and International Conformation Champion, AHBA Large Flock, Barn Hunt, and passed his NACSW ORT in birch, clove and anise.  Gizmo is also trained on birch and does a pretty good job finding it!

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