K9cation Adventure Learning Academy

Your dog is special and deserves the best training and activity program that achieves quick results and adapts to your lifestyle.  Our programs are unique and full of adventures that are sure to help your pup be the best pup they can be.  Check out a selection of our current offerings.  All skill levels and breeds welcome.

We accept cash, check, and Venmo. Payment is due prior to class.

Doggie Pool Time

$25 Group Class
$45 Pool Rental with one dog
$65 Private Instruction Session

Summer time fun in our solar heated, regulation dock diving dog pool!   Two paddle boards available, doggie life vests available, and tons of tennis balls!  You can get in the water too.  Bring your dog's favorite floating toy and come play and work on the following:

  • Develop Swimming Confidence

  • Dock Diving

  • Hydrotherapy

  • Paddle Boarding

  • Retrieving

  • Low Impact Exercise

  • Play Time With Your Pup


Adventure Run Play Day (Daycare)


Pack runs designed to increase your dog's wellness and positive behavior at home. Dog's run with us on foot or with UTVs through acreage and for a couple miles, typically off leash.  Often there is time to swim in a local pond, dive in and out of irrigation ditches and sprinklers all while getting their zoomies on and "being" dogs on adventure. Dog's use their noses and natural abilities which fulfills their instinctual needs and provides you with a tired dog that is happy to relax and enjoy your home and family time. You've seen doggie daycare, this is the next level of adventure.  Dogs learn:

  • Socialization

  • Voice Control

  • Pack Social Learning

  • Off Leash Recall


Leash Walking

Private Instruction Session

We will evaluate your dog's current collar and leash setup to ensure you're using the proper tools for your dog.  We will complete behavior analysis of your dog's behaviors and provide you with the knowledge and skills to get your dog walking with a lose leash and focus and connection on you in all situations.

Girl with her Dog

Reactive &/or Aggression Help

Private Instruction Session

If your dog barks and or lunges at other dogs or people, is embarrassing and difficult to take anywhere, if your dog has growled or bitten you or a family member, this is the session that can help your dog achieve results in being socialized, well adjusted and calm while having focus, connectonn and walking on a leash.  The leash and collar you're curently using will be evaluated for effectiveness.   strategic training session will be conducted to achieve results and ensure the plan fits your life and schedule.


Conformation & Jr. Showmanship

$15 Group Class

Gaiting, stopping, and showing your dog's teeth, showing your dog's best attributes, enhancing your dog's personality, your style and dress for the show, traveling, footing, hand stacking, free stacking, understanding what judges are looking for, attention and expression, confidence building, baiting, increasing dog's confidence and comfort with being examined, relaxing on the grooming table, sleeping quietly in a crate, and peeing on cue.  Bring high value treats and your show leash.


Play & Train Obedience Basics

$25 group class

We recommend starting with a private session so we can ensure you're using the best equipment possible to achieve results and that you have a basic understanding of the concepts we'll cover in group classes.  Group classes will offer practice using scenarios and will increase your dog's socialization.  Class will increasing your dog's connection, focus, and communication, manners, good behavior at home and in other environments.  Socialization is a key element of these classes with people and other dogs.
Dog's will learn connection, leash walking, coming when called, sit, down, hup, off, praise marking, stay and more.  Bring high value treats.


Beyond The Basics & Rally-O Obedience

$25 Group Classes
$50 Private Instruction Session

Off leash training, perfecting your dog's connection and leash walking for competition or just for fun, increased distance for stays, off leash recalls, drop on recalls, hand signals, jumps, retrieving, proofing, and more.  Bring high value treats.


Barn Hunt & Rat Games Practice

$25 Group Classes
$50 Private Instruction Session
$35 Facility Rental

Does your dog love to use his nose?  All dogs can do barn hunt, one of the fastest growing dog sports.  It's super fun and easy to learn.   Your dog searches for rats in PVC tubes hidden in straw.  You'll never see the rat unless you want to.  Dog's learn to go through straw bale tunnels and climb up on stacks of straw to find their prize.  All breeds and skill levels welcome.  We'll hep you get started in this sport by building a strong nose work foundation or help you hone your skills for advancement through the levels of the sport.  Bring high value treats.

Dog Training

National Agility League: Team Member

$15 Monthly Entry (Includes judging, filming, timing, entry submission)
$10 Agility Field Use 30 min
$20 Agility Field Use 1 Hour
$50 Private Lesson
$25 Group Class

National Agility League Team K9cation
Increase communication, connection and have fun with your dog!  Meet like minded people who enjoy their dogs and want to have fun.  Earn titles, win prizes.  Test your dogs ability and improve your handling and fitness.


Stock Dog Herding

$65 Group Session
$75 Instinct, Initial Evaluation
$100 Private Instruction Session

Dogs must have a recall,down and stay to participate.  Learn foundation stock dog herding, terminology, behaviors, shaping your dog's instinct, fetching, driving, and more. Sheep and ducks.


Agility For Fun

$25 Group Classes
$50 Private Instruction Session
$35 Facility Rental Includes Equipment

Ideal for increasing dog's confidence, communication and connection. Learn foundation work, introduction to obstacles, off leash work while maintainging connection and more.


Catch the Flag, Fast CAT, & Lure Coursing

Service Subtitle

Dog's individually chase a lure in an enclosed space.

Screen Shot 2020-02-26 at 1.33.53 PM.png

Coming When Called

$50 Private Instruction

Do you want your dog to come when you call?  We'll help you teach your dog the fundamentals and proofing  to ensure a rocket recall every time.


Puppy Preschool

$50 Private Instruction Session

Getting your puppy socialization and fundamentals to be ready for group classes.  We'll work on connection and focus, puppy behaviors setting your puppy up for success, crate training, car rides, loading in your car, potty training, preventing anxiety and reactivity, praise marking, preventing mouthing and jumping and more.

Two dogs

No More Jumping & Bad Manners


Does your dog jump on you or other guests, visitors?  Does your dog get on your furniture or counters, or steal your trash?  This session helps dogs understand boundaries and build skills that increase dog's manners and positive behaviors at home and around guests.