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Group & Private Training Sessions

Who Knew School Could Be So Much Fun - Guaranteed Results


Play & Train - The Basics

We focus on connection, dog behavior, communication and socialization.   We'll do fun activities each week and there will be constructive play time for the dogs with behavior analysis.  Dog's will learn to walk on a leash, come, sit, stay, down, and more. Approximately one hour in length with all levels of training and experience welcome.  Learn the basics or join us for a refresher and some play time in a fun group setting.

Beyond the Basics & Rally-O

Join us for a fun filled training session where we cover foundational obedience training through a variety of exercises.  This class is geared toward anyone who enjoys training their dog and wants to expand their dog's knowledge beyond the basics.  Dogs will learn proofing of a solid recall and stay and will even learn competition.  Class uses positive reinforcement and food/toy drive to achieve results.  We will incorporate behavior shaping techniques to increase connection and communication between dog and owner/family.  Rally-O included.

Doggy Swim Lessons & Intro to Dock Diving - Group Class

Doggie Paddling 101- Help build your dog's confidence and enjoy swimming for fun.  Ensure your dog learns to swim in a safe and fun environment with help from one of our instructors.

  • Dock Dog's 101 - We begin with ramp work, paddle boards and ensuring your dog starts swimming with confidence.  Next we build toy drive and continue building confidence.  Practice throwing techniques and learn about dock diving.  Space is limited and advance registration is required.

Doggie Play Day

One of the best ways to train our dogs is to play with them and use their natural instinct and drive. Dogs must have attended at least one private session or one group training session to participate.  Dogs must be current on vaccinations.  Safer than a dog park.  All dogs are properly socialized with two trainers on site to provide behavior analysis and assist with doggie play.

Request a Private Session
&/or Behavior Consultation

Contact us for scheduling and availability.  You can share your private appointment with a friend, or we can work one:one to increase your dog's training at a rapid pace.  Great option for behavior analysis assessments, aggression issues, or private help for competition training.  We've even been asked to do a girl's night out training session.  The sky is the limit with private sessions, just ask.  

Aggression Help, Come When Called Recall Help, Competition Prep,

4-H Lessons, Obedience, Manners,

Service,Tricks, Dog Sports, Herding & Stock Dog & More.

Private Pool Time: Dock Diving &/or Swim Therapy & Swim Play

  • Swim Pool Certification - K9cation Pool Membership Application $25

  • Dock Dog's 101 - For dogs that have completed pool certification and can swim, we begin with ramp work and toy drive building confidence.  Practice throwing techniques and learn all about dock diving available in group and/or private lessons. $20-$50

  • Open Swim - $30 for up to two dogs for an hour.  Additional dogs $10 each.  Must have completed pool certification.

We Come to You to Train & Play

If you need help at home or with a special situation, we come to you.  Contact us for details and to schedule your session.

Dog Sports 4 Fun

One of the best ways to train our dogs is to play with them and use their natural instinct and drive. Our training program achieves results by tapping into a dog's instinctual drive and natural abilities. We will focus on a sport and improve dog's confidence, socialization, and communication with you.  Your dog will love these events.  Satisfaction guaranteed.  Barn Hunt, Lure Coursing, Dock Diving, Agility, Paddle Boarding, Nose Work, & More.

Pupcakes & Dog Sports 4 Fun

Pancakes and dog sports, can it get any better than this?!?!?!  Lure coursing, agility, dock diving, tricks, nose work, barn hunt, doggie fitness and more!

Stock Dog Herding Group Session

Join us for herding and build your stock dogs skills.  Dogs must have basic obedience skills to participate and have completed an instinct test or introduction session with us prior to joining the group.

Anytime Add On Services for Health & Safety

- Nail Trim:  If your dog's nails click when they walk on tile or hard wood they are too long and need trimmed.  

- Anesthesia Free Teeth Cleaning Lesson:  Prevent stinky breath and yellow teeth, with a teeth scaler lesson.

- AKC Official Titles, click here for info.

Dog Grooming Tools

Nail Trim - Learn & Train Session


Quick and easy nail trims.  **Additional fees for dogs that hate having their nails done.

Teeth Cleaning

Learn Anesthesia Free Teeth Cleaning with Scaler


If you want to prevent the need and the risk and dangers to your dog from Anesthesia teeth cleaning, this is the intro to oral hygiene that you've been looking for.  You will be provided with a tool and instruction on how to get started with improving your dog's health in a natural, positive, and easy way.