Get Your  Dog's Game On!

Intro to Disc Dog!

Get Your Dog's GAME ON! Intro to Disc Dog beginning February 13 at 3pm.

Space is limited, sign up now.

6 weeks of Intro to Disc Dog!

Fun, friendly, and rewarding environment.

All breeds welcome.


Instructed by Ms. Tammy Ormiston at K9cation in Hudson, Colorado

What to Bring: 

Please bring a crate and cover or plan to crate in your car, a chair, water for your dog and a notebook and pen. 

As you know, we're in a cold snap of weather so be sure to dress in layers.  On cold days we will work inside the heated building, and on warm days we will be inside the sand floor indoor arena or outside on the artificial turf field.  

Photos, and some videos will be posted on the @k9cation page on Facebook

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About Tammy

Tammy Ormiston has been playing and competing with her dogs for over ten years with the Colorado Disc Dogs. Tammy and her pups have been one of the top ten teams in Colorado for six consecutive years! They have competed and done demos all over the country including Superdogs at the National Western Stock Show. Tammy has twice qualified for UFO World Finals.

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What You'll Learn:

Disc Foundations

Week one Human: learn two throw variations Dog: build interest in disc, start bitework and build drive

Week two Human: recap first two throws, learn two more Dog: start rollers and short throws, start building team connection

Week three: Human: recap all learned throws and learn two more Dog: connect dog and human throws and add distance, work on lead out

Week four: Human: add new throws as needed, work on connecting throws together for sequence Dog: build catch success and start to build small sequence

Week five: Human: perfect throws and add more as needed. Connect throws together, learn to move with dog for sequence. Work on dogs getting comfortable with handlers body space. Dog: work on focus while building sequences and getting comfortable with handlers body.

Week six Team: goal is to have at least one or two freestyle sequences built and cleaned up and ready to present. Open to options that teams may want to try.