Rescue Puppy



Your pup’s well being and safety is our number one priority. 

K9cation is the ultimate staycation for your dog to enjoy activities and fun while you're away.  Our resort style atmosphere is a guilt free option for leaving your furbaby while you're away.  The proof is in the tail wag when you arrive and when you return! Starting at $25 per calendar day when you pay with cash or check. 

$28 per calendar day with credit card.


We offer individual and deluxe family glass suites that ensure your pup is VIP.  Our facility has standalone amenities that aren't found anywhere else in Colorado all in one location at an affordable price.


Think of a doggie dude ranch vacation experience with UTVs, a pool, dog sports, a petting zoo, and more!  Our facility is located on a working ranch that dogs love.  Dogs go home tired and in better physical condition than when they arrived.  Additionally, our facility is owned and operated by a lifetime dog trainer; meaning your dog will come home with additional skills and improved behaviors.  Dogs are not our hobby, they are our passion and we have over 40+ years of exceptional experience.  We are a Colorado destination like no other that dogs love!  We offer a unique boarding stay in a country ranch setting filled with activities and fun for your dog. 


Holidays book sometimes a month to two weeks in advance of the holiday weekend.  Please book your dog's stay at your earliest convenience.  Additional charges apply for holiday care. We do not accept drop offs or pickups on Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day so that we can enjoy our families as well as your pups.  


Pups enjoy an early 6am-7am wake-up call, followed by early morning play time and then breakfast.  After a quick breakfast nap (allowing time for food to settle) the pups are onto their specially selected play groups to experience the ranch in a variety of locations throughout the day.  Dogs who need an afternoon nap or lunch feeding will be brought in early, but most dogs play all day until dinner.  Dogs who are signed up for special activities will experience their scheduled activity individually and then return to play.  Dogs will enjoy pool time as is seasonally available.  Dinner time is around 5pm with a short nap (allowing food to settle) and then campers are provided an evening outing before bed.

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