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Join our team!  Win prizes, have fun, learn skills! Earn National titles!  New course each month.

It's fall and we're all tired of dealing with social distancing.  Lets social distance in a fun way and enjoy our dogs!

This will advance your dog agility skills.  You will have fun!  You will increase connection and communication and physical fitness for you and your dog!

All skill levels welcome!  Fun social and supportive atmosphere.  Follow your dreams and play with us!


The November Course: Pole Jacks 50'x70'

Pole Jacks is played like the children’s game of jacks. The performance of a short set of weave poles is the bounce of the ball. All other obstacles on the course are jacks and have specific point values. Jumps are worth 1 point; tunnels are worth 3 points.
After the “bounce” (doing the weave poles), the team must “pick up” the appropriate number of jacks by scoring an equivalent number of points. The handler and dog team will bounce “onesies,” bounce “twosies,” bounce “threesies,” and so forth until either they score “sevensies” or time expires.
Time begins when the dog first makes a “legal” entry into the weave poles. Time stops when the dog touches the table with one paw. The table is live at all times. The end-of-time whistle ends scoring only at 60 seconds. After the time whistle, there will be no fault and no points for the dog taking additional obstacles on the way to the table to stop time.
The dog must pick up points equaling the number for which the team is shooting after the bounce. Entering the weave poles with fewer or more than the correct “pick up” is a fault.
No obstacle may be taken back-to-back on the same pick up. However, an obstacle may be repeated in the same pick-up.
Note that the final score will be a single digit number ranging from 0 to 7. In any game with a finite number of possible scores time to the table will be an important tie-breaker.
Pole Jacks is scored Points, then Time.


Welcome to Team K9cation


Lets Get Started!

We want you on our team!  All skill levels welcome! Fall Series: Oct, Nov, Dec

1. Step one complete registration form. $10 fee; return your registration to Kelly k9cation@gmail.com

2. Practice the monthly course in the learning style best for you. 

-Group classes, Mondays at 5pm & 6pm

-Agility field private use at K9cation,

-Practice at your location, 

-Private lesson with Kelly or Steve.  Click Book Now to reserve your way!

3. Ready set, do your course run! Schedule/complete a video judging of the monthly course for us to submit to the National League (last day of the month).

4. December Repeat Steps 2-3

5. Celebration Party

Rules, Titles, Prizes, Standings, & More:

Know The Rules:

Rules for the National Dog Agility League (NDAL) can be found here.  Accommodations are made for beginners!  Dogs must be at least 12mos of age to participate.

Earn Titles:

How titles work for your dog and the NDAL.

Win Prizes:

K9cation Fall Series Completion Awards:  (Awarded in January)

  • Most Improved

  • Fastest

  • Junior Handler

  • Super Star (most bonuses)

  • Most Accurate (no faults)

  • Most Fun to Watch (creative)

  • Team Favorite (Voted on by Team)

Cost & Time

Required Monthly Entry:

$15 Monthly Entry (Includes judging, YouTube Video submission, Team Entry Submission to earn titles

Optional Practice & Training Methods:

Practice & Train on your own equipment or use ours.  Complete as many practie options as you want!

  • $10 to practice at K9cation for 30 minutes on your own (Discounted team member price)

  • $20 to practice at K9cation for 1 hour on your own (Discounted team member price)

  • $25 Team Practice Group Class at K9cation 1 hour (Available Weekly Mondays at 5pm & 6pm)

  • $50 private lesson at K9cation 45 min

Ask Questions!

Team Captain: Kelly Roll

Judge: Steve Roll

E-Mail us at K9cation@gmail.com or call 303-419-6234.

Upcoming Events:

December - Final Fall Course!
December - Team & Individual Photos
January - Awards Celebration from Fall Series
January - Winter Series Begins! New Course!


Team K9cation October Fastest Time

Jasper and Shana


Fall Series Team Shirts & Team Spirit Items


Shirt - Customize Your Style & Add Your Dog's Name - Don't forget to get a discount!

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