Team K9cation

Join our team! New to dog training, new to dog agility, we want you! Our team is made up of beginners who love their dogs and want to increase their connection, communication and the happiness and confidence in their dogs!  Win prizes, have fun, learn skills! Earn League titles!  New course each month.

Lets social distance in a fun way and enjoy our dogs!

This will advance your dog's connection and relationship with you and their training through agility obstacles that increase your dog's confidence.  You will have fun!  Dog's on our team are happy, because they have purpose and accomplish both mental and physical stimulation through our agility training in a fun program format.  Join the team and enjoy physical fitness benefits for you and your pup and relieve stress through our program!

All skill levels welcome!  Fun social and supportive atmosphere.  Come play with us!

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August IDAL Course 50'x70'

A Numbered Course is scored Time, Plus Faults. Follow the numbers, keep the bars up.

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August IDAL Course 36' x 85'

A Numbered Course is scored Time, Plus Faults. Follow the numbers, keep the bars up.


Welcome to Team K9cation


Lets Get Started!

We want you on our team!  All skill levels welcome! New Course Every Month!

1. Step one complete registration form. $10 fee; return your IDAL registration to Kelly k9cation@gmail.com

2. Practice the monthly course in the learning style best for you. 

  • Group classes, Mondays at 5pm & 6pm, Thursdays at 5pm, and Sundays at 2pm (optional to attend as many classes as you want)

  • Agility field private use at K9cation,

  • Practice at your location, 

  • Private lesson with Kelly or Steve and your dog at K9cation.  Book Now to reserve your favorite training option!

3. Practice, have fun, complete your course run that we film and submit to the International Dog Agility  League! Schedule/complete a video judging of the monthly course with us by the last day of each month.

4. Repeat Steps 2-3 each month with a new monthly course.

5. K9cation will host an awards ceremony each quarter with final team results.

Rules, Titles, Prizes, Standings, & More:

Know The Rules:

Rules for the International Dog Agility League (IDAL) can be found here.  Accommodations are made for beginners!  Dogs must be at least 12mos of age to participate.

Earn Titles:

How titles work for your dog and the NDAL.

Win Prizes:

K9cation Quarterly Series Completion Awards:  

  • Most Promising - Monthly

  • Fastest & Reserve - Quarterly 

  • Junior Handler & Reserve - Quarterly 

  • Team Favorite (Voted on by Team) & Reserve - Quarterly 

  • Outstanding Handler/Team Member Recognitions

  • Small, Medium, Large Placements From the Quarter

  • Collectible Seasonal Medallion

Cost & Time

Required Monthly Entry:

$15 Monthly Entry (Includes judging, YouTube Video submission, Team Entry Submission to earn titles

Optional Practice & Training Methods:

Practice & Train on your own equipment or use ours.  Complete as many practice options as you want!

  • $10 to practice at K9cation for 30 minutes on your own (Discounted team member price)

  • $20 to practice at K9cation for 1 hour on your own (Discounted team member price)

  • $25 Team Practice Group Class at K9cation 1 hour (Available 3k times per wee)

  • $50 private lesson at K9cation 45 min

Ask Questions!

Team Captain: Kelly Roll

Judge: Steve Roll

E-Mail us at K9cation@gmail.com or call 720-546-7837.

Upcoming Events:

Sept 1 - Two New Courses
Oct 1 - Fall Series Begins
Oct - Spring & Summer Awards
Nov - Two New Cources
Dec- Two New Courses


Team K9cation Results

Watch our whole team at: Youtube K9cation

Congratulations Team K9cation on completing the August 50'x70' course! GO TEAM, GO!!!!!  Super proud of our team!!! We need each and every team member to come out and play to keep our standing in the International League!!!! Wahoo!!!!! 

We're always looking for new team members to join us! We're a fun group of people who loves dogs and who are super excited to share this fun sport with dog lovers!

We had 14 team members complete the July 50X70 course successfully, the 2nd course of the Summer series!  Go team!!!  AND EVERYONE COMPLETED IT CLEAN!!!  Way to go!

Congratulations to our most promising dog and handler team, Madison and Athena! We love watching Athena run, she is smooth, fast and has improved so much!  We love the progress you've made and the connection you've added to your runs! Watch Athena now:


Congratulations to the fastest dog and handler, Rock and Kelly with a clean 22.94 seconds! Our second fastest  team was Athena and Madison with a clean 23.19 run, in third place is El with a clean 24.15, in 4th OB with a clean 24.6 run.  The competition was close this month!

Clean runs:

Chip, Zoe, Ice, Duchess, Shooter, Cory, Shiloh, Conor, Fly, Hera, Ob, El, Athena, Rock.

Way to go team!!! We couldn't be prouder of you!!

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Spring/Summer Team Shirt & Team Spirit Items


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Winter/Fall Team Shirts & Team Spirit Items


Shirt - Customize Your Style & Add Your Dog's Name - Don't forget to get a discount!

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