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12 Important Things To Know To Make Your K9cation Experience Paw-some!

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

  1. Create your account prior to coming. If you need help, call.

  2. Plan your payment ahead of arriving.

  3. For the safety of all people and animals on our property; do not drive fast when you arrive. Take your time parking.

  4. PLEASE arrive on time for your appointment, if you're going to be late, notify us.

  5. When you arrive, be patient, we'll be with you asap.

  6. Be sure to upload your shot records.

  7. Like us on Facebook @K9cation to see pics of your dog!

  8. Always bring your dog hungry to class and bring high value treats such as string cheese or hotdog.

  9. Dress for CO outdoor weather, layers recommended.

  10. Please remember we're a small family owned and operated business and we're trying hard for you! Patience and kindness are appreciated.

  11. Multiple dogs from one family in a group class are $5 off each additional dog. Multiple dogs in a rental or private lesson are $5 more per dog.

  12. When boarding overnight, please provide your dog's meals in portioned ziplock baggies for each meal for us.

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