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Absolutely cannot say enough great things about this place for doggy daycare! We were taking my dog to a place out in Wheat Ridge, but it was a far drive and just slightly above “ok”. We were recommended to k9cation, and wish we had gotten the recommendation sooner. They offer so many great additional daycare options for your pet (e.g., adventure runs, agility courses, and so many yummy treats). Our high energy 2 year old absolutely loves it there. The staff even gave us a report of his day, it was so nice hearing the details of my dog’s day and how he interacts with others. Other places have only told us “he was good” and “he had a good day” with no other details. I am picky with places because my dog has been charged at / attacked twice outside of daycare. Kelly and the staff were wonderful, they assessed behavior in different dog groups and made sure he was/is put in compatible play groups. Also, it’s such a great bonus to see all of the pictures they post of my pup!!

--Donna Birch

I love that they post pictures of your pups having a great time while being boarded! Definitely eased my mind and allowed me to enjoy my vacation. Thanks for taking such great care of my fur babies!!

--Mindy Jo Quimby

Great place for group and individual training and classes. My dog and I love this place & it's worth the drive! They even do arts and crafts with you and your dog.

--Stacia Rabith

We started taking our 4 month old, energetic, black lab to K9cation in March for puppy classes. Kelly and Steve gave great instruction and advice. They taught Rincon a lot, as well as us. We worked with our puppy consistently, as they suggested.  In July we started boarding him and he LOVES it. He gets great exercise and socialization. We had one concern and they responded right away.  He is a lab, so he has a lot of energy,  but with their help, he has become a well-behaved and social dog. We get compliments all the time on what a great dog he is, especially only being a year old.

--Joyce Stokvis

Amazing! I can't say enough wonderful things about K9cation, Kelly and her staff. I have 3 crazy doodles, who have been coming here every weekend for a year or so. One of my guys has some bad habits...fence fighting etc. They diligently help with these issues. We've also done agility class and private sessions with Kelly. My boys love every activity that we've done. I literally send everyone I know to K9cation! My boys always come home exhausted, which is the best gift I could every receive.

--Ashley Licursi

This place is like disneyland for Doggos. My dog is very shy and after a first not great incident at a different boarding facility I was nervous about leaving her behind at another boarding facility. When we arrived she was shaking, tail between her legs, and was SO scared of being left behind. Within hours of landing in Mexico and seeing pics of my pup I knew she was barely missing me. Seeing pictures of her playing and having a blast, doing all the fun things... it really is sending my dog on a k9-cation... which meant I had a worry-free vacation for myself.

Recently I decided to go on a ski trip I knew it would be better to leave her at K9cation than to bring her up to the mountains with me. This time, she was ready to jump out the door even as we were pulling up, and she had no fear whatsoever. In fact, she went right away with Kelly straight to all her doggy friends. And the picture of her playing in the pool with a tennis ball, standing on top of a block of ice just having the best time of her life, is the icing on the cake.

I LOVE K9CATION and so does my pup!!!

--Elsie Mullers

We take our pup to the obedience classes and she has learned so much! We love all the staff at this facility! Everyone is always so friendly, knowledgable and very helpful!

--Megan Lobato

My 1 year old lab Cobalt LOVES K9cation. He seriously starts barking and whining when we pull up because he is so excited! My husband and I take him there weekly to play and have social interaction with the other dogs and it has helped so much with his understanding of nice playing. Cobalt is very high energy and loves non stop play so it has been awesome having him go there! All the staff there are so nice and super helpful. We love Michelle and I know Cobalt loves her and her daughters! She is such a pleasure to see and is so attentive to all the dogs and their owners, I don't know how she does it! We are excited to have Cobalt try the other activities there, I am sure they are great. Definitely would recommend bringing your dogs here, I have already started telling my whole fam and friends.

--Kristie Heiss

I can’t say enough about the staff and the facilities at K9cation. My dog Kai loves it at K9cation. She been going to the “farm” for six months in all capacities (day care, boarding, training, adventure runs, agility and pool time!) Kelly posts most of the fun activities on their Facebook page and you can see how much fun the dogs are having with each other and the staff. Kai is well cared for and loved by the staff. Thank you K9cation!

--Jacque Taylor

I took my then 14 week old puppy for a week while on vacation and I couldn’t have been happier with how well they took care of him. They posted pictures of him playing and having a great time every day so I knew what he was up to! They had no problems with doing his special diet and taking care of a special needs puppy. I have returned for swimming and training classes and will definitely be back!! I can’t recommend them highly enough!!

--Patricia Evans

We started here using K9cation’s training services to work on our puppies basic obedience and I can’t tell you what a difference it made. Not only do they help you there but give you things to take home and work on. I watched them help dogs young and old with many different issues. Kelley was so patient with every dog/person team and their different situations. After a great experience with training we decided to try their boarding services. I will never feel guilty boarding my dogs again. They have so much play and socialization time and they come home happy and TIRED. (Plus they post pictures every day on Facebook of the dogs at play time) I highly recommend Kelley and her team!

--Kristin Stockton

We LOVE boarding our dogs here. Left them for a whole week over 4th of July and another weekend recently. Love the Facebook live streams they do where we can catch our goldens swimming in their huge pool. Definitely recommend for dog owners who have a dog-friendly dog that loves to run & play in huge fields with other pups.

--Anthony Bachner

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