Achieve results with our positive training program. We offer customized:
Private Sessions
Group Classes
Board & Train Programs

Our Training Mission is:

To help dogs stay in their homes and out of shelters by providing a results driven, efficient, effective, easy to understand, and fun training program that increases the relationship between a dog and their family.

Rescuing dogs from shelters or purchasing from a reputable breeder is only the first step to owning a dog. Training is essential to responsible dog ownership and is imperative to ensuring dogs stay in their homes. Training will increase your relationship with your dog including, common understanding, good behavior and will also be a great outlet for instinct, ability, and exercise.  Want to try a fun training method, if your dog has the basics down, you're ready for a dog sport session with us!

Our training philosophy is based on 40+ years of experience and a sampling of techniques from a variety of resources and training methods.  View our class schedule

Our Top 10 Training Secrets:

1. Praise & Rewards Get Repeat Behavior

2. Mark Good Behavior

3. Keep Training Lessons Short 

4. End Training On Positive Wins

5. Use High Value Rewards

6. Be Consistent

7. Ask, Tell, Achieve (Voice & Body Language)

8. Physical activity & Mental Stimulation = Tired & Fulfilled Dog = A Good Dog

9. Understand Your Dogs Breed Characteristics & Abilities (The Why)

10. Train in a Variety of Environments

Your training foundation and partnership with your dog is the building block for champion results and more importantly,  your dog of a lifetime.