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Building Lasting Relationships

The Best For Your Best Friend

Our promise is to care for your dog in a safe, loving, playful, and fun all natural environment with activities and enrichment that are instinctual and bring joy to your best friend. A K9cation dog vacation is what puppy dreams are made of. We are the most affordable for this level of luxury and we offer your dog the most fun with our all day play staffed with dog trainers—it’s no wonder why we are the most popular K 9 destination for your boarding and daycare needs. The fun and play continues in our AKC accredited training programs. As with any vacation the added activities available in our dog sports program offer your furbaby vacation fun igniting K9 instinct, passion, happiness and health. One paw into our doggie resort and you’ll understand why so many dogs wag their tails, only choosing our K9cation as their vacation home away from home. Our facility looks like a house and the atmosphere is a guilt free option for leaving your furbaby while you're away. The proof is in the tail wag when you arrive and when you return! Our facility is a Colorado desination for dog lovers! Think of a doggie dude ranch vacation experience with ATVs, pool time, dog sports, a petting zoo, and more! Our facility is located on a 45 acre working ranch that dogs love. Dogs go home tired and in better physical condition than when they arrived. Additionally, our facility is owned and operated by a lifetime dog trainer; meaning your dog will come home with additional skills and improved behaviors. Dogs are not our hobby, they are our passion and we have over 40+ years of exceptional experience. We are a Colorado destination like no other that dogs love! We offer a unique boarding stay in a country ranch setting filled with activities and fun for your dog, they will have their own vacation with us while you're away.

Holidays & Peak Periods

Holidays fill quickly and wait lists will be generated.  If space becomes available we will notify dogs on our waiting list first.  To allow for our staff to enjoy their families and holidays, we do not allow pick ups or drop offs on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Years Day.  Holidays and peak periods per day charges are usually about $10 more per day.


Dogs must be in good health and current on vaccinations including Bordatella, Rabies, Distemper, Parvo, Lepto.  We do not accept dogs with any cough.  Dogs must be free of worms, ticks, and parasites.  Dogs should not have any open wounds with out prior approval.  Dogs should be free of diarrhea, vomiting, cough etc. for at least 72 hours prior to arriving at our facility. 

We do accept in tact dogs, dogs over 6 mos that are still in tact may have an additional charge.  Dogs that are in heat will not be allowed in group play and will have limited individual turn outs.

Aggressive dogs, or dogs with some behavior issues may be accepted with prior approval.  Dogs with various behavior issues may not be allowed to be in group play and may instead get individual turn out or smaller group play.  Dogs with behavior issues may not get to participate in some activities at the discretion of K9cation staff to ensure the safety of all dogs.

We recommend a day of daycare as a trial period to make all dogs feel more comfortable for their first stay.  Huskies, Pit-bulls, Mastiffs, Mallinois are highly recommended to do daycare before being dropped off for boarding. 


We do require a $50 deposit on boarding to hold your reservation.  We are a small facility and last minute cancellations impact our ability to keep our prices low.  You must provide a minimum of 48 hours cancellation notice or you may be charged the full amount of your stay at the discretion of K9cation. We accept cash, check and credit card at time of your reservation or drop off. 

We play, play, play.  Dogs that need a rest due to age or physical ability may take breaks, but most dogs enjoy our play all day atmosphere!

All Day Play

Dogs are fed morning and night.  Lunch time feeding is also available.  We allow frozen or refrigerated food as well.

In Room Dining

Dogs always have access to fresh and clean water.  Each dog has their own water in their private suite as well, refreshed throughout the day.

Fresh Water

We have a seasonal regulation dock diving pool for dogs that is 4' deep and over 48' long!  Dogs can learn to swim, enjoy a cool off or even learn to paddle board.

Swim & Splash

We post so many photos on Facebook and our other social platforms that your time away from your dog will be spent enjoying watching your dog's vacation!

Daily Photos

All areas that dogs come in contact with are cleaned with veterinary grade cleaners.  We have strict cleaning protocols to keep all our campers safe and healthy.

Clean & Disinfected

Our variety of large outdoor play areas are so much fun for the dogs!  They love the enrichment of moving throughout the facility each day and playing in the large areas where they can sniff, open up and run while enjoying the sunshine!

Large Play Areas

House like setting with a home feel with luxury glass suites and anxiety reducing white noise or music.  Each suite has Kurunda dog beds. 

Luxury Glass Suites

Our team is experienced and are all working under the guidance of Kelly's training philosophies.  Dogs that stay at our facility have positive behaviors reinforced throughout the day.

Staffed With Dog Trainers

We partner with a variety of local veterinarians who are very supportive of our services and recommend us to their clients.  We are grateful for the support and for the care these amazing professionals provide our doggie friends.

Recommended By Veterinarians

Our facility is kept cozy warm in the winter and nice and cool in the summer with our radiant and forced air heating (AC) and cooling systems.

Climate Controlled

Our pricing is very affordable for the luxury and expertise we provide in one low per calendar day price.  *Our daily rate is more for peak periods and holidays. Credit cards accepted.


Always Included

Luxury Upgrades & VIP Add Ons

dogs running and playing in a group

Add a special treat for your furbaby, pupcups, antlers, bully sticks, greenies, homemade, seasonal gourmet cookie, Birthday cakes, salmon skins, peanut butter, stuffed Kong, ice cream cones, holiday toppers, magic dust, bone broth, shredded chicken, warm goats milk, Yak chews, yogurt sticks, pig ear, raw beef bone, raw turkey neck, CBD calming, fresh veggies and more.

Gourmet Treats & Food Toppers

Add a vacation experience for your pup, people enjoy jet skis or maybe snorkeling, dogs enjoy trying new activities too!  Add a single experience or daily add on for individual time with your dog and one of our team.  Living room snuggle time, agility, stock dog herding, barn hunt, nose work, catch the flag, adventure runs, slat mill treadmill, Movie Time, swimming, dock diving, game of fetch, seasonal photo, gun dog retrieving and more.


Brush up on your dog's manners and increase good behavior with camper add on on training, add a single training or daily training with our trainers.  Custom requests and our client favorites: no pull leash walking, no jumping, coming when called, no barking, socialization, reactivity, e-collar, crate games, stock dog herding and more.


We offer full grooms, exit baths, nail trims, lavender paw massages, blueberry facials, ear cleaning, eye washing, dyes, nail polishes and more.

Grooming & Spa

Per State of Colorado requirements medications must be brought in current prescription bottles.  You can add am, pm, or daily meds as needed. 


If your furbaby has special needs or medical needs such as seizures, shots, diabetes, geriatric, etc. please contact us so that we can work together to develop a care plan specific to your needs.

Medications, Special Needs, & Supplements

Custom appointment times, house food, meds, non bagging food, in tact, in heat, holiday rates & peak periods, potty training, wet mouth, behavior, daily reports, etc.

Cancellation Policy: 

We require written notice 48 hours in advance of your confirmed appointment.  Refunds are at the discretion of K9cation. 


$50 deposit to confirm boarding reservations is required.  Daycare and training classes require advance payment.  Payment is due at drop off.  We accept credit card, cash, and check.  Returned checks will have a $50 fee plus any additional charges incurred to K9cation.

Special Requests & Fees

happy dogs
Aussie Dog Sitting at K9cation

Stay & Play With Us

The ultimate vacation experience for your dog.  All day play, luxury glass suites, and our seasonal pool are always included in our low calendar day pricing.  We offer a variety of add ons to make your dog's vacation experience amazing such as VIP treats, spa services, activities, training, and more.  Starting at just $30 per calendar day.

What To Bring For Your Camper's Lodging:

Please bring your dog on leash with their food individually packaged for each meal.  (Lunch bags are a great way to package meals.)  Medications must be in original prescription bottles.  We do accept slow feeder dishes.  Please do not bring standard dishes, as we have our own dishes for your dog's use. *Bedding and toys are not recommended, and may not be returned.  We recommend a disposable shirt you've worn with your scent to leave for your dog during their stay.

Follow along on Facebook for daily updates.

Pups enjoy an early wake-up call between 6am-7am, followed by early morning play time, then inside for breakfast.  While pups are playing house keeping visits their suite for cleaning and water freshening. 

Campers then enjoy a brief rest period after eating to allow their food to settle.  Campers move to the large play area and our seasonal pool around 9am where they can run and chase, wrestle, sniff all the smells, view the farm animals, play on the agility equipment and run through the tunnels and more.  Dogs that need rest or that get over stimulated and need breaks receive rest breaks as needed and sometimes private space for their individual play time.

Campers who are signed up for special activities, gourmet treats, training, and salon services get individual time with a staff member and photos of their experiences are shared on Facebook.

Dogs that need a nap or rest are monitored, but most of our campers play all day.

Daily activities are modified as needed to our large indoor arena or heated/cooled play room depending on weather.  We primarily play outdoors.  We believe outdoor play is favorable to indoor play and just like kids at school with recess we play outside as much as Colorado weather allows.  In lightening or thunder storms dogs return to their suites for their safety. 

Dogs are brought in for rest around 3-4pm, followed by dinner and their evening turn out.

Just like their human owners,  is very common for dogs to be tired upon their return home, typically for one -two days.  When we say all day play, we mean all day play!  Dogs do not sit in cages at our facility and instead are allowed to be dogs and enjoy their vacation.  Photos are posted daily on Facebook for owners to see and enjoy.

Daily Schedule:


Tours are available on select Sundays with a confirmed appointment.  You must create an account and sign your agreements prior to touring our facility.   WE DO NOT ALLOW DROP IN TOURS WITHOUT A CONFIRMED APPOINTMENT.  Please be respectful of our family residences and staff time by scheduling your tour prior to visiting our facility.

Complimentary tours are available for all new clients at drop off or daycare, just ask. 

inteior of K9cation where dogs stay and customer's check in
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