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Our boarding services are nontraditional.  Think of a doggie dude ranch vacation experience with ATVs, a pool, dog sports, and more!  Our facility is located on a working ranch that dogs love.  Dogs go home tired and in better physical condition than when they arrived.  Additionally, our facility is owned and operated by an extraordinary dog trainer meaning your dog will come home with additional skills and improved behaviors.  Dogs are not our hobby, they are our passion and we have over 40+ years of exceptional experience.

Who we are:

We are a vacation for your dog while you're away offering adventures and dog activities and dog sports.  We are a Colorado destination like no other that dogs love!  We offer a unique boarding stay in a country ranch setting filled with activities and fun for your dog. 


We offer customized options to fit your needs and still be affordable. Starting at $25 per dog, per calendar day.  We also offer homemade, gourmet dog treats and other various convenient options to add to your dog's stay.  *Holiday weekends start at $35 per dog, per calendar day.


Please complete our boarding application to request your dog(s) stay with us.  We will respond within two business days to confirm availability and provide you a customized price quote specific to your dog. 

What to Bring:

Bring your dog's meals in portioned zip-lock bags for AM/PM feedings.  Optional to bring toys, treats, your dog's bed/crate for comfort and homelike feel. (We have all these items but sometimes you want your own comfort items for your dog.)


Our facilities are located on our 45 acre  ranch.  Dogs spend their days enjoying our property.  We take them running (or riding) with our UTV, we run with them on foot, or walk depending on each dog's individual fitness levels.  Dogs get to experience swimming in irrigation ditches, pool time play, paddle-boarding, agility, pack runs, and all kinds of playing on our property with their doggie friends in a variety of doggie activities and terrains in activities that are instinctual and beneficial to dogs!

Rest Time:

Dogs only spend time in their private suites when they need to rest, otherwise they are out playing nearly all day with only their dinner/breakfast in their suite.

What we're not:

Some boarding places are similar in style to a dog shelter that can trigger bad memories for rescued pups. Other boarding kennels have dogs locked in cages or spending all day in a sort of play pen of a lot of dogs.  At K9cation dogs experience ranch life and use their instincts and abilities to create memories and positive experiences with lots of play. 


-AM Potty Time

-Suite Time Breakfast

-Play Time

-Seasonal Pool Time

-Play Time

-Suite Time for Private Dinner Followed by Potty Time

-Bed Time - Private Suites

*Private rest time provided as needed

Receive a Complimentary Tour With Purchase:

The best way to get a feel for our facility and our services is to follow us on Facebook @K9cation.  Our services are unmatched in Colorado for the unique dog vacation experience we offer.  We are a small family owned and operated business with over 40+ years of experience training dogs and providing pack runs in rural country settings.  We are typically on a wait list for our elite, affordable, and customized services.  If you would like a tour of our facility, sign up for a class such as obedience, agility for fun, barn hunt or positive play and come out and join us. Joining us for a class is a great way to introduce your dog to our facility prior to your boarding needs.  Daycare is also a great way to introduce your dog to our facility prior to your boarding needs so that your dog is even more comfortable with our facility and our team.

​Good Health & Vaccines:

Dogs must be in good health and current on their vaccinations including canine influenza, bordatella, rabies, etc. Dogs must be free of worm, fleas, etc. to attend our facility.

Aggressive Dogs:

We do accept some dogs with behavior issues.  Dogs with various behavior issues may not be allowed to participate in group play, pack runs or other activities at the discretion of K9cation staff to ensure the safety of your dog and all our guests and/or our family.

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