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We offer exit baths as a VIP add on for campers who have stayed and played with us as an upgrade to their stay.  We also offer full grooming at a variety of levels with very competitive pricing.  You'll love our expert groomer and the love and care she will provide to your pet. 

Grooming Services 

Camper Exit Bath:

Now Booking  $50 - includes some brushing and blow out with a yummy seasonal scent.

Bath and Brush: Includes bath, nails, brush out/deshed, ears cleaned, anal glands, teeth cleaning: 

*Small/medium sized dogs, smooth coat (chihuahuas, beagles, dachshund dogs similar in their size and coats)  $30-$50

*large dogs, smooth coat (labs, cattle dogs, Dalmatians, pit bulls dogs similar in size and coats) 


*Xlarge dogs, smooth coats (great danes and dogs similar) 


*Small /medium sized dogs, longer hair/thicker coats (poms, American eskimos, shelties, corgis) 


*large dogs, long hair/thicker coats (golden retrievers, husky, German shepherds, collies, aussies) 


*Xlarge dogs, long hair/thicker coats (st Bernard, newfies, bermese mnt dogs, great pyrnese) 


Full Service Groom Show Haircuts - Everything You Could Want In A Groom!

*small/medium sized dogs (small poodles, shitzus, poms, little terriers, dogs similar in size) 


*large dogs (standard poodles, shelties, collies, some doodles) 


*Xlarge dogs (st Bernards, big doodles) 


Cat Grooming

Bath, nails, brush out $55-$65

Lion cut hair cut, nails NO bath $65-$75

Lion cut hair cut, nails and bath $75-$100

*No hand stripping. Extra charges apply if there are matted conditions, behavior issues. 

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