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Got Questions?

If your question isn't answered below, contact us and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have.


What is your training methodology?

Positive Reinforcement. Praise. We mark desire-able behavior and reward for repeat behavior. We use a lot of treats and praise in each session. We use food and toy drive to motivate your dog and reward positive behavior.  Experienced and professional training for 40+ years.

Which breeds of dogs do you work with?

All dog breeds are welcome.

Which vaccines and health records are required?

Your dog must be current on vaccinations.  Please provide a current copy (digital accepted) of your pet's vaccines/health record(s) prior to the first class or bring a hard copy to class with you. Dogs must be free of parasites, ticks, fleas, etc.  Provide us a copy of your dog's last health exam.

What do I need to bring to class?

  • Treats (Something your dog will be EXCITED to eat, this is known as a high value reward.)  Cheese, cut up hot dogs, usually a soft moist treat that can be cut/torn into small pieces is best.  Your dog will perform better for treats if it is hungry so try not to feed him/her before class.

  • Regular leash (We offer these, do not bring/use retractible leads such as Flexi.)

  • Tug toys, balls, etc. can be used as a reward as well and are great incentives for agility.

  • Water is available, but we recommend bringing your own as some dogs will not drink after others.

  • Bring your favorite refreshing beverage.  We work hard and talk a lot.  You're going to be thirsty.  You're welcome to bring your own dog water, but water for dogs to drink or swim in are available in a variety of locations throughout the Ranch.  You may want to bring a towel to dry your dog off after class. 

What should I wear?

Dress in layers for CO weather.  

Wear boots if possible, or tennis shoes. We do not recommend open toed shoes.

Our facility is located on a 45 acre horse ranch so be sure to dress for dirt and animals.  

Optional items: Mosquito spray and/or sunscreen

How do I prepare for class?

You are required to pick up after you dog.  Please walk dogs along the ditch bank roadway and clean up after your dog prior to class. Your dog will perform better if you ensure he is well exercised and has pottied prior to class. 

Do not feed your dog before class.

What kind of leash and collar do I need?

We have a  variety of training tools available for each sport.  When first starting with your training we recommend a basic flat collar or martingale and a 6' leather leash.  Please do not bring your dog on a retractible lead.  Please do not go purchase new dog training supplies such as leashes, collars, chains, etc without attending your first class so we can provide a recommendation. W e want to save you the expense of purchasing equipment that will not be beneficial to your specific training program.

Are family, and kids allowed to attend and watch?

Family and children are welcome to watch the training of your dog.  Please bring a chair to spectate from if you'd like to sit while we are training.  All children must be under your supervision at all times.

My female dog is in heat, what should I do?

Unfortunately, female dogs that are in season cannot participate.

I am concerned my dog will embarrass me and act out, what should I do?

Schedule a play and train or private lesson or behavior analysis appt with us and experience our facility and trainers one : one to jump start your success in a private session format.  Once you're comfortable, you can continue with private sessions or transition into group class.

What kind of treats do you recommend?

Hot dogs cut into small pieces. The smaller your treats, the more success you'll have training.  A hungry dog is an attentive dog who wants to try and achieve treats for work well done.

Are in tact male dogs allowed?


Are there prerequisites for various classes?

Typically our class descriptions state any recommended training/knowledge your dog should have prior to attending.  If you have questions just ask.  In most cases, all levels of experience are welcome and there are no prerequisites.

What age does my puppy need to be to attend class?

We recommend you check with your veterinarian and follow their recommendations.  Typically 12 weeks is a great time to start with a private lesson and we can assess from that session group participation.