Board & Train
A Staycation Training Experience

Proper training is an essential part of owning a dog. These Stay & Train packages ensure your dog will get individual attention from our expert trainer with proven training methods developing your dog into your dog of a lifetime.  We utilize primarily positive reinforcement training techniques that are reward based for your dog. Contact us to schedule your dog's free assessment and talk with us about your training goals.  Choose from our five training staycation packages below:

The Puppycation - Puppy Stay & Train

Stop Problem Behaviors Before They Start

Puppy Age: 12 weeks to 6 mos old

# of Days: 3 Week Staycation 

Bonus: Weekends at home so you can enjoy and continue to bond with your puppy

Training Package Includes: 

Crate Training, Name Recognition, Potty Training, Place, Walk on Leash, Positive Play, Basic Manners: No jump, no mouthing, no trash, no counter surf, no beg using positive training methods in a fun learning environment at our state of the art facility.

Price: $1,299

A Puppy Playing with a Toy

The Reactive Dog Retreat Stay & Train

Reprogramming Problem Behaviors

Any Age

# of Days: 4 Week Staycation

*Some weekends at home

Training Package Includes:

Leash Walking, Resource Guarding, People &/or dog reactivity reprogramming, basic manners, coming when called, in a variety of environments. 

We work with your dog in a variety of environments to reprogram your dog's problem behaviors to positive behavior while increasing your dog's connection and bond with you using effective communication.  

Training Tools Included: Collars, leash, place mat.

Includes unlimited group classes following staycation training completion.


Closeup of a Black Dog

The Family Dog Stay & Train

Best Dog In Your Neighborhood

Age: 6 mos+

# of Days: 4 Weeks

Bonus: Weekends at home

Our training involves an intimate understanding of your animal’s natural and individual history. Your dog has plenty of potential to learn and understand commands, and my techniques will lay the foundation for your dog to be your best family companion. Utilizing behavior analysis, and positive reinforcement your dog will become a well mannered member of your family that you can enjoy and even show off to friends.

Package includes:

On and off leash walking, coming when called, no jumping, go to your place, name recognition, stay, basic manners.

Training equipment included: leash, collars

Unlimted group classes included following your training staycation completion.


Boy Walking His Dog

The Starcation - Unleashed Stay & Train

Super Dog

Dog's Age: 8 months +

# of Days: 5-6 Week Staycation

Bonus: Most Weekends At Home

If you've always wanted the perfect dog, the dog everyone compliments, this is the package for you.

Your dog will learn both on an off leash walking, sit & down stays, go to your place, elevators, escalators and be public access ready.  Your dog will be familiar with airports, stores, restaurants, hiking, camping and more. This package is perfect for your emotional support dogs who travel with you to work, on trips and weekend activities in a variety of public spaces.

Training Collars Included


Golden Dog

Camp K9cation Stay & Train

Find Your Dog's Passion a sampling of introductory dog sports

Dog Age: 6 months +

5-10 Day Playcation

Dog goes home on weekends

Business Days with optional overnight stays M-F

Ever wondered what your dog's favorite dog sport is?  This is your chance to send your dog to camp for 1-2 weeks at a time to experience a variety of dog sports.  Camp K9cation is for dogs that have been through foundation obedience training.  This is the perfect way to reward your pet and find out what sports they love.  Dogs will get a report card detailing their strengths in each sport.  Photos and videos included.

This is the perfect program for you for business travel, daycare, or a reward for your dog.  This program is offered in 1 or 2 week options and is offered during business days.

Package includes your choice of 5 sports in 1 week camp, or 10 sports in two weeks camp with daily adventure runs included!

Dock diving, swimming, stock dog herding, disc dog, Rally-O, nose work, barn hunt, catch the flag, agility, trick dog, cart pulling.

1 Week Camp K9cation

Nov-April $475

May-Oct  $575

2 Week Camp K9cation

Nov-April $850

May-Oct  $950

Dog Enjoying Campfire