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Train, Play & Stay with K9cation 

at the Rock'n R Ranch

Our training program is a play and train experience that makes learning fun in a positive, reward based, friendly and supportive environment. 

Our training program is based on positive reinforcement methods, achieving results through connection and effective communication.

Our boarding stays are like a doggie dude ranch vacation with lots of playtime, exercise, and fun activities.  Dogs experience pack runs and extensive natural and instinctual activities that they love!

We have over 40 years of experience, with proven results and happy clients.

Come play with us!


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Experience a Dog Sport With Us

School Was Never so Much Fun!!!  Which sports are on your dog's wish list?

Dog sports are amazing!  They create a fun environment for dogs to use their instincts and natural behaviors increasing communication and connection with you for the ultimate learning environment that is reward based!  We use dog sports as brain teasers in our group classes to develop dog's confidence through their natural instinct and abilities for training success.  We can also add sports to your dog's boarding experience for a true K9cation (vacation) experience.  And if you find a sport you and your dog love, we can setup private sessions just for you to enjoy, and/or we'll help you prepare for competition.

Barn Hunt & Rat Games



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Lure Coursing, Fast CAT (Catch the Flag)




Obedience Basics, Off Leash, Hand Signals & More


Conformation & Showmanship

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Stock Dog Herding







Training a Puppy with Snack

Dock Diving


Swim Therapy & Pool Play Time




Disc Dog



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Meet Our Pack!

Come Play & Train with Us!

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Kelly Roll




Meet Our Fur Babies

Our pups are our demo, mentor-pups and are available to assist your pup in feeling comfortable and learning dog sports and activities.

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Favorite Sport: Barn Hunt
Socialization pro, assists training instructors by helping dogs feel comfortable.  Trick dog performer with her main gal Haley.

Happy Owners. Happier Pups.

Happy as a Dog with a Bone

Dog's are our passion.  We're committed to saving dogs through training.  We believe that the more dogs we can help with behavior and training, exercise and play, the more likely the dogs are to stay in their homes.

Nominated as 2018 Great Mats National Dog Trainer of the Year (Achieving 3rd place in National Competition)

We have over 100 years of combined experience with owning, raising, training and showing dogs.  

Our clients regularly tell us that their dogs are super excited with wagging tails, happy licking, dancing and wiggling when they get in the car to come to our programs.  The tail wagging gets even happier when you pull into our driveway.  Training should be a positive experience between you and your dog.  Our clients say that they wish they started with us and had access to our fun and innovative methods sooner, and not the box store, if only they had found us sooner!  

When you train with us, you're part of our dog loving community.  You'll become part of a network of dog lovers and share in each other's success.  We have fun and enjoy our dogs in a supportive, postive and fun environment.  

Make our tails wag, please add your name and dog to our reviews!  We appreciate your feedback and will always do our best for you.  In our care and in our programs your dog will be treated like family, like one of our own. 


Sydney Taylor

"We attended dog training classes at Rock'n R Ranch and loved it! The classes were very helpful, in both the specific things we learned in class and also in general with our dog being more cued in and focusing better. I really enjoyed the fact that they ended on a fun note with agility. Our dog improved leaps and bounds. We look forward to being back in class once our baby is born."

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